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Not so grump Grumps
Ive gotten alot more into Game Grumps and felt like doing some drawings
Happy Birth Mum
This is a picture I quickly drew for my Mum, its her birthday tomorrow! <3
ND- First Encounter
Btw for people who didn't read the chat (anyone outside the group) Chrysanthemum's first encounter was with Falx (owned by…) and Beau (owned by
ND- Chrysanthemum app
Yoyoyo homies, so Ive joined this sweet new group, and here is my cat for it!


Name: Chrysanthemum

Nicknames: Chrissy (Falx)

Rank: Soldier Trainee

Gender: None? Both??

Sex: Female

Pronouns: She/her they/them

Birth Season: Late Winter

Age: 10 moons

Star Sign: Leo-Virgo cusp

Build: Slightly shorter that average height and floofy 


- Mornings
- Beetles 
- Plants

- Thick fog
- Thunderstorms without lightning 
- Silence

Positive Traits:
- Optimistic;
She always seems to see the glass half-full and believes there is always a silver-lining to every bad situation 
- Rambunctious;
She expresses herself wildly and is simply very boisterous 
- Sweet;
She like to help out just about anyone with any menial task they give her

Negative Traits:
- Naïve;
If there ever was an extremely bad situation, she would always try to turn it around and try to convince that there was a way to fix everything even if there isnt 
- Possessive;
She could become over-possessive with friends and family, and get every envious when they spend more time with others rather than her
- Impatient;
She is just impatient

Neutral Traits:
- Clueless;
Its difficult for her to read inbetween the lines in some situations and mostly needs to be addressed with the problem head-on
- Energenic;
At times she can be very energetic and get her work done exceedingly, but she can also become very over-the-top and become a clumsy nuisance  


Mother: Mooloolaba

Father: N/A

Sibling/s: None


Kittenhood: As a kitten, Chrysanthemum's father had left around the time of her birth and hadn't returned, so she was bought up by a single mother, who was a very spiritual healer. She had no siblings, so for the majority of her life she hung around her mother's side. Her mother, Mooloolaba, was very nurturing, but she was also very over-protective, she monitored Chrysanthemum 24/7 and didnt allow her to do too many things without her, just in case she got hurt. Chrysanthemum wanted to be a healer once she got older, she wanted to be just like her mum. Despite only having a mother, Chrysanthemum grew up with a pretty normal kittenhood and enjoyed making remedies and various medicines with her mother, when she wasnt doing that she was outside studying the local plants around her den. 
Later in her kittenhood Chrysanthemum had grown an odd love for protecting and grew into a very sweet and mothering kitten. When she had told her mother that she wanted to become a soldier, her reaction wasn't the best. She had hoped for Chrysanthemum to become a healer due to the fact that she had already learned some basics, she was also secretly afraid of what could happen if she got hurt. Although she opposed at the beginning, her mother opened up to the thought that her baby had grown and that she couldn't control what she did anymore. But no matter what her mother thought, Chrysanthemum was a real go-getter and wants to strive to become a great soldier.


Orientation: Bi-curious

Status: Single Pringle

(Past) Attractions: None                                              


Timezone: Western Australia

RP Methods: Skype

Skype User: flabbergastered-_-

RP Example:
(The sun's ray peeped through the canopy of auburn leaves, spotting on the trainees backs as they patrolled)
CHRYS: Hey, anyone wanna race?
CHRYS: ... okay then. (she raced ahead of the troops)



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

I absolutely love how Aquamarines gem is a tear-drop and how its placed below her eye. like, you know prison tattoos and usually the on with tear-drop under the eye means they've murdered someone, and partnered with the fact that she ordered Topaz to fucking sNAP JAMIE'S NECK, Aquamarine has totally killed a-many a gem and other aliens in her time, like boi!


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Its ya boy... skinny peene

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